Mistress Psyche

An ancient half T`khan Psionicist and Ritualist.


Real Name: Sheila Jacobs, Aliases: Amphissa (Greek), Sophia Turla (Russian), Origin: Alien Hybrid/Mutation, Profession: Dilettante, Multi-Millionaire, and Business Woman, Base of Operations: Millennium City, Marital Status: Single, Place of Birth: Knossos, Crete, Family: Kreon (Father; deceased), Sybilla (Mother; deceased), Age: 3,681 (appears in middle twenties still), Height: 5‘4“, Weight: 120 lbs, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Dark brown, Allegiances: Ethical (Good), Motivations: Responsibility, Goals: To find the Verdant Shard

Abilities [35pp]: Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 16 (+3), Constitution 18 (+4), Intelligence 19 (+4), Wisdom 20 (+5), Charisma 18 (+4)

Saves [20pp]: Toughness +4/+14, Fortitude 5 (+9), Reflexes 5 (+8), Willpower 10 (+15)

Combat [26pp]: Base Attack +5, Base Defense +10 (+4 flat), Initiative +7, Grapple +6, Knock back -8, Hero Points 1

Attack (dc): Unarmed +1, Mental Blast +6, Nullify Mental Descriptor +13, Illusions (dc16)

Skills [26pp]: Bluff 5 (+9/+17 when attractive), Diplomacy 5 (+9/+17 when attractive), Gather Information 8 (+12), Knowledge: Arcane 5 (+8), Knowledge: Business 12 (+16), Knowledge: History 5 (+9), Languages 7 [Minoan; Egyptian, English, Greek, Persian, Russian, Sanskrit, Syrian], Perform: Dance 1 (+4), Perform: Oratory 2 (+5), Sense Motive 12 (+17), Swim 2 (+3)

Feats [21pp]: Attractive 2, Benefit (Wealth 4, Alternate Identity 1, Status 1), Blood Line (t`khan), Connected, Contacts, Dodge Focus 2, Eidetic Memory, Favored Opponent (Servants of the Adverse) 1, Improved Initiative, Jack of All Trades, Quick Change 2, Ritualist, Well Informed

Powers [85pp]: Hybrid Physiology 3 [Mutation; PF: Innate] = 16pp

- Immunity 2 [Aging, Disease] - Regeneration 4 [Bruised 1, Injured 1, Ability Damage 2; Power Feats: Persistant] - Enhanced Constitution 4 - Enhanced Wisdom 4

Telepathy 13 [Psychic; 3 Alternate Power] = 29pp

- Base: Communication 10 + Mind Reading 10 + Comprehend 3 (languages)[Languages] - Ap: Mental Blast 6 - Ap: Nullify 13 [Mental Descriptor] - Ap: Illusion 6 [All senses; Power Feat: Area Progression 6; Flaws: Phantasms]

Telekinesis 13 [Psychic; Power Feats: Dynamic, 2 DAP] = 31pp

- Base: Move Object 10 [25,600 lbs heavy load] - DAP: Force field 10 [Extra: Impervious] - DAP: Flight 10

Supernatural Senses - Super Senses 9 [Detect Magic, Magical Awareness, Adverse Awareness, Detect Maecian, Verdant Awareness, Detect T`Khan]

Equipment [Wealth Bonus +26]: Sheila lives in a large penthouse suite, at the Underwood Plaza Hotel. But she has homes in Russia, and in Greece as well. Complications: Fame, Enemy (Rasputin, The Adverse)


Sheila Jacobs appears to most as a discrete socialite. If an event is important enough, she’s there. Indeed, she is a brand into herself, marking any event in which she makes an appearance with an extra layer of pride to the host. No one’s quite sure how long she’s been around or what she does for a living. Paparazzi never seem to get a hold of her and none of the other members of society’s creme-de-la-creme dare ask.

Truth is, Sheila Jacobs has been around for a long, long time. She was born 3681 years ago on the island of Crete, in the ancient city of Knossos during the height of the Minoan culture. Amphissa was the daughter of a Merchant King, and a beautiful Atlantian woman named Sybilla . She lived the good life of a merchant king’s daughter but the appearance of her incredible powers in early adolescence singled her out for great things.

Endowed with virtual immortality and immense psionic powers, it took little effort to expand her father’s business into a success, within Egypt, Crete, Syria, Greece, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia. She eventually took over the operations of her father’s business after his untimely demise. Exporting copper, tin, and other valuable commodities through out the ancient world. She quickly became revered as the Goddess of Commerce in Crete.

However, time is not kind. Civilizations rise and fall and even a powerful mutant like herself saw the world around her collapse. Egypt, and the fall of her own country of Crete as well. She was in her forties, when her beloved Crete was destroyed in what would become a famous volcanic explosion. She traveled the world, getting to know just how grand and expansive her world really was. She dined in Rome and rode across the Russia’s, camped in Persian sands and feasted in Indian temples.

Always looking for signs of her kind, other’s special just like her. She spent a great amount of time in Russia and Europe during her travels, but eventually settled in Greece. She battled the likes of great men during the ages, included the machinations of Grigory Rasputin (A servant of the Adverse, and yes he‘s very much still alive) as Sophia Turla. She saw the silk empire and the land of the setting sun, and she passed the calumet amid native American tribes, all before renaissance was even upon clumsy Europe. She was there when the world was known to be round and she was there when gravity was found. She was also there when the Mayflower reached the shores of the Americas.

Long-lived and patient, Sheila Jacobs has had a thousand names and a thousand crafts and now she lives in the city of the Future, Millennium. Silently sitting upon her wealth and presence, silently guiding humanity. And subverting the agendas of the Adverse. Many don’t know the Truth, the secret battle that wages on the prime material plane. Should evil win, the adverse may be able to enter this realm once more. And be able to create and control a force, that could wipe out the Verdani once and for all. She mingles with super hero’s of all kinds, and most people know she is a powerful Meta-human. They just don’t know the extent of her influence, or the long past that she has.

Sheila Jacobs has her fingers in business everywhere, she even has her own perfume company. She often visits Club M, keeping an appearance there. Just so the meta human community knows where she is, and is still around. It’s a place where even the normal, can mingle and mix with those that have powers. Meanwhile she has been searching for an ancient Verdant artifact that may be on earth, or somewhere in the solar system known as the Verdant Shard. A large crystalline sphere, that can channel the cosmic power of the Verdani. Should it fall into the wrong hands, it could spell earth’s doom. What history she has given away, is that she is the second to hold her heroic title. But little do they know that she was also the first, as Sophia Turla.

Mistress Psyche

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